Approved by the Third General Assembly, April 16 1993

Amended by the Ninth General Assembly, 16 May 1999

Amended by the Eighteenth General Assembly, 1 May 2008

(under Italian Public Law)

Article 1 - Name

The European Forum of Heritage Associations has been established in Rome in 1990, with its legal seat in Padova, Italy. The official names of the Forum, modified and approved during the IX General Assembly in Helsinki the 14th of May 1999, are the following, in English, Italian and French:

- European Forum of Heritage Associations;

- Forum Europeo delle Associazioni per i Beni Culturali;

- Forum Européen des Associations pour le Patrimoine.

English, Italian and French are the Official languages of Forum; every Association may add in its own documents the translation in its national language.

Article 2 - Objectives and Functions


The main aim of the European Forum of Heritage Associations is to heighten awareness on the concept of a common European identity, in its regional diversity, through the study, protection, and promotion of the cultural heritage through:

I - the establishment of a Forum for the formulation of common policies and the encouragement of bilateral and multilateral activities amongst public and private European no-profit bodies and organisations with a strong participation of the European cultural heritage voluntary sector;

II - the valorisation and promotion of the role of public and private European no-profit bodies and organisations to educate and involve the general public in the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage; as a means of educating and involving the general public in the protection of the heritage;

III - the promotion of multidisciplinary contacts and exchanges of ideas in the field of the heritage;

IV - supporting the policies and exchange programmes amongst member bodies and organisations at European level;

V - the encouragement of initiatives in the field of heritage between European countries;

VI - the encouragement of voluntary initiatives in the field of cultural heritage and exchanges, open to participants of all ages with a particular attention towards students and young people;

VII - the exchange of information and documentation in the field of educational experience and the promotion of heritage;


The functions of the Forum are:

I - to represent and protect the common interests of its participating bodies and organizations;

II- to offer to its members information, cooperation, coordination, and support to promote, develop and disseminate their activities;

III - to initiate contacts and conclude appropriate agreements with organizations with similar objectives in other continents.

Forum is a non-profit making body.

Article 3 - Membership


Membership of the Forum is open to public and private European no-profit bodies and organisations located in Europe, with at least two years of activity, which agree with the aims of the Forum. They shall be non-profit-making, non-political and shall be actively and responsibly engaged in the promotion, dissemination of knowledge and information about cultural heritage.


Associate Membership of the Forum shall be open to public and private no-profit bodies located outside Europe. Associate Members shall be eligible to take part in all the activities of the Forum, and to take part in the General Assembly, without voting rights.

Article 4 Representation of Members

Each Member shall participate to the Forum General Assemblies through a delegate who, whether he or she is not the legal representative, shall be authorized by means of a written mandate.

Article 5 Rights of Members

Each Member shall be entitled to:

I - participate to the General Assemblies;

II - participate to the meetings and to all activities of the Forum and of its members;

III- be elected to Forum offices;

IV- receive newsletters, documents and other publications issued by the Forum and its members.

Article 6 Membership Requirements

Each member must:

I - send a copy of its statutes to the legal seat of the Forum and communicate any changes;

II - communicate to Forum Presidency any changes in their nature, activities and/or addresses, even though they may not involve any changes to the statutes;

III - pay the annual membership fee decided by the General Assembly, and also any extraordinary contributions that may be approved by the General Assembly;

IV - respect the reputation of Forum and support its development, in particular through cooperation amongst Members.

Article 7 Cessation of Membership


Membership of the Forum shall cease:

I - by resignation, which may take place at any time by means of a written communication to the Presidency, any obligations for the current year having been fulfilled;

II - through dissolution or cessation of the member activity;

III - non respecting the criteria for membership set out in Article 3 of these Statutes;

IV – if - after receiving a written notification - the member Association does not pay its membership fee for two consecutive years;

V - by expulsion, in case of violation of the Statutes.


Membership shall cease automatically in the above mentioned cases I and II: the Board is simply requested to acquire the decision. In the above mentioned cases III and IV, the loss of Forum Membership is decided by the Board. For case V, the Board will submit the case to the General Assembly for taking the necessary decision.

Article 8 Administration

Administration of the Forum is carried on by the Board, according to the financial provisions approved annually by the General Assembly. The Board shall prepare every year a detailed budget.

The fiscal year is from 1st January to 31st December.

Article 9 Offices

The offices of Forum are the General Assembly of delegates, the Board and the President.

All offices are renewed every year, in the occasion of the General Assembly, with the exception of the President.

Article 10 General Assembly

The General Assembly of delegates, is composed by one delegate from each Member . It takes place annually. It approves the financial statement and the budget, elects the President in case the mandate has expired, elects the Board members. Extraordinary meetings may be held if judged necessary by the President, if decided by the Board or if requested by at least one-fifth of the delegates.

The General Assembly shall operate by quorum of at least half of the delegates. At the first convocation, a quorum of at least half the delegates is required; in case of a second convocation the Assembly is valid with any number of delegates. For decisions about changes in the Statutes or about the dissolution of Forum, presence and approval of at least half of the delegates plus one are needed.

Delegates may be represented at General Assemblies by other delegates. Any delegate may represent others.

The Secretary General must call the General Assembly and define a deadline for all delegates to confirm their presence or their intention of delegating another participant in order to establish the quorum and, if necessary, to cancel the convocation and to propose another date. The call for the General Assembly will be simple mail, email or fax sent to the main seat of the Members at least one month before the date of the meeting. The notice must be accompanied by the agenda for the meeting.

Article 11 Election of the Board

The election of the Board must allow all delegates to present their candidature. All elections can be subjected to secret ballot in case at least one of the delegates presents a request for this procedure.

Article 12 Board

Forum Board is composed by the President and six members. It is responsible for:

I - the election among its members of the Vice-President, Secretary General, Secretary General, and Treasurer;

II - ordinary and extraordinary management of the Forum;

III - evaluation of membership applications presented by new Members according to Article 3 of these Statutes; evaluation on cessation of membership, according to Article 7;

IV - approval of the annual budget to be presented to the General Assembly;

V - any other activity assigned to the Board in the Statutes or any other activity not explicitly assigned to another office.

Board Members are elected for one year and shall be eligible for re-election.

In the event of vacancies, the Board can substitute the vacant member by co-optation.

Board decisions require the presence of a simple majority.

Article 13 President

Forum President is elected by the General Assembly among Forum members, being them their delegates or not. The President is elected for three years and shall be eligible for re-election.

The President shall be assisted by a Vice-President, who acts as substitute in the event of the President’s absence or inability, by delegation.

The President is:

I - the legal and moral representative of the Forum;

II - the co-ordinator of the General Assembly and the Board meetings;

III - the responsible for any other task assigned by these Statutes .

Article 14 Secretary General

The Secretary General is Forum coordinator. He is assisted by a Deputy Secretary General who substitutes him in case of Secretary General's absence or inability, by delegation.

The Secretary General:

I - organizes and manages the activities of the Forum;

II - manages the office and the staff, the main seat and the archives;

III - manages, according to the Board, Forum publications and press releases;

IV - prepares the minutes of the General Assembly and the Board meetings;

V - is responsible for any other task assigned by these Statutes, by the Board or by the General Assembly

Article 15 Treasurer

The Treasurer:

I - prepares and signs expenses and payments, according to the decisions approved by the General Assembly or the Board;

II - collects annual membership fees and any other income;

III- is the responsible for the bank account and all Forum properties making arrangements for their conservation, maintenance and inventory;

IV - prepares, each year, provisional and final budgets;

V - decides any extraordinary expenses, consulting the Board members.

Article 16 Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of Forum, its archives and any other property shall be transferred to another association with similar aims chosen during the final General Assembly.

Tolfa, 1st May 2008

XVIII General Assembly